Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Komodo Diving Liveaboard is our multi day diving program to accommodate your travel needs especially for those who want to spend time in Komodo National Park by diving. Komodo Diving Liveaboard that we prepared here only as an example of a 3 day 2 night program which will be combined with trekking activities on Rinca Island to see Komodo Dragon. We can also organize your live aboard trip more than 2 nights on board. Komodo Diving Liveaboard program that we prepared here is not a fixed program, because sometimes it will be changed following the conditions that we met in Komodo National Park.

Day 01: 2 Day dives – Flying Foxes – 1 Night Dive

First Dive at Sebayur Kecil is one of the easiest  komodo dive site it’s about an hour and a half from our sweet home land of Labuan Bajo ,where we get to know each other and little bit of underwater game like bubble ring and act and so much different kind of  marine life and stunning colors of coral, here you will get very clear water visibility and warm water temperature.and after first dive and we have delicious lunch and have 2 hours  break  on board before we do another fantastic different dive spot with beauty of the nature of the dive site place called Pengah Kecil.

After second dive, we will head to Kalong Island, that will take about 1 hour by boat. On arrival at Kalong Island, we will witness the flying foxes (bats) that come out from the mangrove forest. While seeing the flying foxes, we will have a  great to watch very spectacular of the sunset in this place to finish our lovely first day of the trip. the captain will drive the boat to Waenilu  the place to do the night dive.

Day 02: Rinca island hiking – 2 Day Dives – 1 Night Dives

Coffee morning prepared and the crackers and we get on island see the one of the biggest lizard in the earth of komodo dragon in Rinca island for an hour walk out with the ranger see the stunning view of th island  and after of all we get back to the boat get our big breakfast and move slowly up to the central of Komodo National Park to do first dive at manta point to see the giant rays and some other amazing animal and we have break before we do our second near by,in the afternoon we move the boat up to north of the park and spend our lovely second night of the trip,

Day 03: 3 Days Dives – Labuan Bajo

North of komodo it’s very speciall one of all komodo dive site in the park. where you’ll see all the giant animal of komodo underwater,its very adventure dive site where you will get the current and use the reef hook,we will brief you how to use them as we really care with our komodo underwater enviroment.we do all our  dives up north fo finish the trip,we will dive at couldon,castle,crystal rock or we do other way around depending on the tide we have.after all our diving activity and we heading back to bajo and having lunch on our way back