Flores Heritage Tour 8D 7N

Flores Heritage Tour 8D 7N

Flores Heritage Tour 8D 7N is a trip to tour the island of Flores which starts from Maumere, Riung, Bajawa, Wae Rebo Village and ends in Labuan Bajo for 7 days. Flores Heritage Tour 8D 7N is our most complete trip. You will be treated to the stunning beauty of the island of Flores and enjoy the hospitality of the people of this island during the Flores Heritage Tour 8D 7N.


Meeting service in Maumere then we will visit to Wuring, the Bajonese fishing village. On the way too Moni you’ll visit Museum Ledalero. Here you can see various collections of ikat weaving from different part of Flores Island, various music instruments, and prehistoric animal’s fossils such as stegodon (massive elephant found in Flores).  After Ledalero museum, visit Sikka village, the first colony of Portuguese on this region. Lunch at Paga beach. On the way to Moni, you’ll visit Jopu, the Lionese traditional village. Overnight at Moni.


Early morning will drive to three different color crater lake of Kelimutu as the one of the most mysterious and dramatic sight in the world. Kelimutu was discovered by the Dutch geologist in 1914, and at that time the lakes’s color were “Blue, Red, and white”. Drive back to hotel for having breakfast, then onto Ndu’a Ria “a daily Traditional Fruit Market”, Drive to Ende town with regular stopping at some places for spectacular natural panorama picture. Continue trip to  Panggajawa beac to have a relax and see the Blue stone along the beach. Local people collect them to be exported in several countries around Asia for making decoration on any buildings. Drive toward Riung as the North coastal side of Flores. Stop at several places for taking photo such as: Mbay as the flattest town on Flores with nice occean view at the back, beautiful view of Palue isle in the middle of the sea, and amazing panorama of 17 isle marine park. In the afternoon will arrive in Riung for checking in at your chosen hotel.


Here, you will enter Marine Centre Area. To be survive the 17th Islands with the rich of Each Islands creature, all about, while sandy beach, which clean, unpolution, quiet, nice coral, and the Beautyful panoramic of mangrove with thousands of bats hanging on the leaf (trees) look like friendly, and it’s really amazing and perfectfull. In this trip, snorkeling equipment are included, also the wooden boat for a day(Lunch box will be provided at one of these islands) .Late afternoon, sail return to your hotel, dinner and over night stay.


Breakfast at hotel, then drive to Bajawa  with regular stopping at few places for panorama pictures, then visit So’a hot spring. You can take a bath here if you want. Drive to Bajawa as the home for the real pure natural and cultural region on mainland of Flores. Overnight in hotel in Bajawa.


After being breakfast at hotel will drive to drive to Aimere south coast as the home of “Local Arack fermentation and distillation process” on Flores from lontar palm juice to become Alcoholic drink or Arack which is about 30 or 40 % its alcohol. Continue trip to Ruteng via Rana Mese lake and then stop at Mano for picturing of beautiful Rice terrace view on the mountain  slope. Drive to Ruteng to check in at your chosen hotel. In the afternoon will visit natural cave of Flores Hobbit called Liang Bua.


After breakfast, will drive to north side of Ruteng to visit Liang Bua Hobbit cave to see the duplicate of homo florensiensi found in this cave in septembar 2003 by the Australian archeologist. After visiting the cave will get back to Ruteng to have lunch. Continue trip to Lodok to see the impressive view of rice field that looks like giant spider’s web. Drive to the south coast to continue trip to Denge village for overnight and dinner.


Early breakfast at Denge Guest House, then will trek to the untouched village of WaeRebo through the pure and dense jungle takes about 3 or 4 hours. Along the trekking you can find so much different vegetation is one of great interest, from the families of orchids, palms, ferns, etc. Natural voice of various type of singing birds will entertain you along the trip. WaeRebo is also one of the best places for Manggaraian cultural researching. The clear and fresh water river on the way up to the village is a good point to take rest. In the village of Wae Rebo, we can discover a pure traditional conical houses construction of Manggarai ethnic, which is one of them is a ‘drum house’ with a very unique architecture, place for holding meetings, rituals and Sunday-morning prayers. The drum house is a communal building for a clan or clan branch, symbolizing the ideal unity of patrillineal descendent. Lunch will be served in villager’s house, Dinner & Overnight are also at traditional village of Wae Rebo


Early breakfast at the village, then start trekking down in the same way back to Denge village about 3 hours. Continue driving back to Labuan Bajo through the same road. In the afternoon will arrive in Labuan Bajo and check in at your chosen hotel.